Cadillac Trivia and other selected pre-war facts

 1902 This very first year Cadillac used modern techniques in the design such as RACK-AND-PINION Steering, VARIABLE LIFT intake Valve instead of throttle control and sort-of OVERHEAD VALVE design.
The VARIABLE LIFT inlet valve design is now, a hundred years later, used by BMW in their four cylinder cars - it is probably advertised now as a "new" technique as well!
Cadillac abandoned the variable lift design in 1907 due to patent issues - the individual who held the patent rights had left Cadillac and required royalty.
The OVERHEAD VALVE is a mild overstatement as valve where vertical while piston travel was horizontal.
1905  Cadillac adopted the VARIABLE LIFT intake Valve technology for its four cylinder engines as well.
In 1903-1905, Cadillac had manufacured more than 8000 automobiles, making Cadillac the largest automobile maker in the world!
1910  Cadillac now used dual ignition systems; a magneto low tension system and a Delco four coil high tension system.
Eighty years later we saw multi coil systems again.
1912  Cadillac introduced the Delco system with Starting, Ignition and Lighting.
The Starting system used a 24 Volt winding while charging circuit was 6V.
A hundred years later the industry is talking about raising the voltage for starter above the 12V system used for fifty years now. Now 36/42V is discussed.
Cadillac abandoned the 24V system after only one year for cost reasons.
1915  Cadillac introduced the V8, Left hand steering and Hi/Lo headlight beams.
1924  Cadillac introduced four wheel braking.
1925  Cadillac had cigar lighters both in the front and back seat, automatic backup lights and electric speedometer.
1929  Cadillac introduced Security Plated Glass, electric windshield vipers and synchromesh transmission.
1930  Cadillac introduced the V16 with OVERHEAD VALVE design and Vacuum assisted POWER BRAKES.
1931  Cadillac had driver adjustable shock absorbers, a feature reintroduced fifty years later in Europe.
1933  Cadillac introduced Fisher no-draft individually controlled ventilation.
1934  Cadillac introduced individual front suspension with Stabilizer bar and an all steel body.
1936  Cadillac introduced Hydraulic BRAKES.
1937  Cadillac introduced the famous EGG-CRATE GRILL.
1938  Cadillac introduced a new 135 degree L-head V16.
1940  Cadillac used the modern and legislated Sealed-Beam headlights.
1941  Cadillac introduced the Hydra-Matic automatic transmission.

These trivia and other facts have been found in "standard catalog of CADILLAC 1903-1990" and "The complete History"