Castle with a car museum

I went on a sunday cruise recently to a castle with a car museum. The castle actually has three museums; one with automobiles,
one with horse-drawn carriages and one with juke-boxes. The automobile museum has about fifty cars, from an Oldsmobile curved
dash to a DeLorean. The horse-drawn carriages are from about 1750 to 1940 and includes various kinds with 2 and 4 wheels, with
and without roof, convertibles and Broughams. The Juke-box museum starts with the Edison phonograph, or actually there are
also some "playing boxes" and pianos there, and finishes off with video-boxes from the 1980-s.
They also have a café which has sandwiches in case you get hungry, believe me, you will like to stay all day!

The museum is about 80km from the southern parts of of Stockholm, Sweden and are open in the summertime (June-August).
Details can be supplied by mail, contact me at for name and directions

 As a Cadillac fan I focused my camera mainly at those cars,
they had five of those.
There was also four R&R, one Mercedes, one BMW and
some luxury cars from AutoUnion (Horsh?)

 The oldest Cadillac was
from 1906 and the second
oldest was this 1915 model
with one of the first V8
engines in the industry.
This car also has the Delco starting and charging system,
the generator is visible at
the rear of the engine.

 While in the early years of motoring, do compare the European Peugeot with the American Buick to the right, even in those days the American automobiles where bigger than the European ones!

 While on the subject of big cars, the V16 is really massive!
This model being an chauffeur-driven automobile, the driver actually sits outside!

 The front of the V16
is really massive.
I wonder if the oversized headlights where any good?

 This OVERHEAD valve
engine has 32 valves and
dual carburetors and water pumps.

 Today all are talking about steering wheel controls,
check the controls on this
truly innovative automobile!

 True-spoke wheels with a V16 emblem, did not check the size,
but the size is huge.

 This Limousine really puts the competition (R&R) in the shade!
This is not the car the Swedish King
rode in when the driver ditched it, but
it is a similar car. The statement has
been made by the President of the Swedish Cadillac Automobile Club.

 I did not take any pictures
in the horse-drawn-carriages part of the museum, but
this in one photo of the room dedicated to the golden age
of the juke-box era

 Heading back home again!